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Extra Security

At TPS Locksmiths Cardiff we are here to make sure your home stays secure from every angle.  This is why we offer a home security survey so that we can point out potential weaknesses in your home security.  If you feel that your property may require this FREE service, you can make an appointment with one of our experts to evaluate any potential risks.

Hot spots for this risk are Garages, Sheds and Conservatories.  Our Cardiff bassed Locksmiths can show you and provide you with all the information and solutions you need.

Additional security keeps you safer when your in or out!

Garages normally hold items like Motorbikes and Bicycles, both of these are frequently taken as they don’t normally have additional security like Garage door Defenders and Ground anchors to lock the items to.  With Garage Defender fitted a theif is over 75% more likely to go somewhere else!

Padlocks, Shoot bolts and Door chains are other forms of additional security but our Locksmiths have been trained to install some of the latest technology like Video Spy Holes and access control systems so that you dont even have to open the door to a stranger or cold caller.

Please call our Cardiff Locksmiths now for a free home survey.