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uPVC Specialists

TPS Locksmiths Cardiff are your local and reliable uPVC repair specialists, we have the skills to fix any of your window and door-related issues. Whether your locks require repairs or replacements, our team in Cardiff are ready to assist you. Offering uPVC repair services our Locksmiths specialise in the repair or replacement of your Cylinder or mechanism you can  feel safe in the knowledge, that our knowledge and ability will keep you safe and secure in your property.

Fixing uPVC mechanisms can often be a difficult task, so leave it to the experts at TPS Locksmiths Cardiff. Our locksmith will work hard to repair your lock there and then as we carry many spare parts for a variety of different mechanisms, however in the unfortunate event that this is just not possible, we can organise a replacement for you normally on the same day.

Our Cardiff Locksmiths can replace your Euro cylinder or even upgrade to the current insurance standards of BS3621 to make your uPVC or Composite door as safe as it can ever be.  These days there are many types of lock to be placed on a uPVC door and the quality of these locks can vary greatly.  Some companies supply locks from china and the are very poorly made and give a very low security grade, at TPS Locksmiths Cardiff we carry as standard SNAP SAFE locks which give you added protection for your door.  Above this there are Two more standards, 1 star and 3 star british standard.  These are the insurance recognised standards that mean your insurance company may give you a discount if installed.

TPS Locksmtihs Cardiff can repair or replace any uPVC lock, handle or hinge.

Has your glass gone cloudy and misty on the inside, had an accident with a stone and smashed a window?  If so call our Cardiff locksmiths to come and have a look at no charge.  You could have the units repaired and the misting removed but we can also replace these at a competitive price.  Call us on 02922362159 to arrange a visit to see if we can replace the unit for you.

Over time you will find that your windows become hard to open.  This is the hinges(friction stays) rusting and wearing as any item does.  We can attend your home at a convenient time and provide you with a competitive quote to replace them and make your windows feel like new again.  Whilst we’re there why not ask us to replace the handles to have that finishing touch.

Whether you experience a faulty lock or mechanism, smashed, stiff or misted window we provide full repairs wherever possible at a reasonable rate.